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Client List—Financial Speaker Larry Klein

National Institute of Certified College Planners "How to Bridge College Planning to Retirement Planning"
September 2006

M&O Marketing "How to Read a Tax Return and Uncover More Opportunities for Business"
September 2006

State Farm "Marketing Financial Services to Seniors and Baby Boomers"
June 2006

CUNA Mutual Brokerage (Sponsored by SunLife Distributors) "How to Be a Million Dollar Producer in the IRA Rollover Market"
June 2006

Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange "How to Be a Million Dollar Earner"
May 2006

NAIFA California Annual Conference "How to Become a Million Dollar Producer "
May 2006

John Hancock Annuities "How to Be a Million Dollar Producer in the IRA Rollover Market"
November 2005

National Association of Fixed Annuities “How to Pack Your Day with Appointments”
September 2005

National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors (NAIFA) “How to Attract Highly-Qualified Prospects”
September 2005

Wells Fargo Reverse-Mortgage “Marketing Through Professional Referral Sources”
August 2005

Market Share Financial Top Producers “Advanced Marketing for Top Producers”
April 2005

Bisys Top Producers Meeting “Advanced Marketing for Top Producers”
September 2004

Senior Advisor Network “Marketing Financial Services to Seniors”
April 2004

State Farm Northeast Region “Marketing Financial Services to Seniors”
February 2004

Society of Actuaries “Long-Term Care
February 2004

Union Bank of California Securities “How to Be a Million Dollar Producer”
November 2003

Society of Certified Senior Advisors “How to Be the Seniors' Advisor of Choice”
October 2003

Financial Services Network Annual Conference “How to Be a Million Dollar Producer”
May 2003

State Farm Southern States Conference “Six Tactics of Million Dollar Producers”
July 2003

Investors Capital, Annual Directors Conference “The Science of Winning Seminars”
March 2003

Personalized Brokerage Services, Top Producer Conference “Six Tactics of Million Dollar Producers”
December 2002 and March 2003

First Financial Planners Annual Conference “Six Tactics of Million Dollar Producers”
November 2002

Senior Market Expo “Marketing Financial Services to Seniors”
November 2002

Brookstreet Securities Top Producers Conference “Six Tactics of Million Dollar Producers”
October 2002

National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Annual Career Conference “Marketing Financial Services to Seniors”
September 2002

California Association of Independent Broker Dealers “How Any Rep Can Be a Million Dollar Producer
June 2002

California Association of Independent Financial Advisors “Marketing Financial Services to Seniors”
May 2002

Enterprise Mutual Funds “Marketing Financial Services to Seniors
April 2002

Bank Insurance Securities Association-National Conference “Marketing Financial Services to Seniors”
April 2002

Highmark Mutual Funds “Delegating Your Way to Million Dollar Production”
March 2002

Life Sales Annual Regional Marketing Directors Conference “How to Increase Annuity Sales 200%”
January 2002

American Express Financial Advisors “Marketing to Seniors”
October 2005

Big Producer Seminars The Ultimate Marketing to Seniors Workshop “Become a Financial Marketing Expert in One Day”
October 2001

Sicor Securities National Conference “The Right Way to Use Direct Mail, Advertising and Seminars to Explode Sales”
September 2001

SR Institute IRA Rollover and 401(k) Marketing “Using Seminars to Attract Dollars”
July 2001

Dynamic Mutual Funds Leading Producers Conference “Marketing to Seniors”
July 2001

Million Dollar Round Table convention for 7,000 of the top life insurance agents in the world.  “The Science of Winning Seminars”
June 2001

Life Insurance Selling Senior Marketing Conference “How to Attract Affluent Seniors for LTC, Annuities and Money Management”
May 2001

Financial Advisors Forum joint conference sponsored by National Association of Independent Financial Advisors and Financial Planning Magazine “Million Dollar Seminars” April 2001

American Association for Long Term Care “Marketing to Seniors”
March 2001

Charles Schwab Annual Advisor Conference attended by 1,100 of the largest investment advisors in the U.S. “The Science of Winning Seminars”
June 2000

Sicor Securities National Conference “Target Marketing—The Single Most Important Element for a Stockbroker”
September 1999

Dozens of associations and large companies have invited a financial keynote speaker to address their meetings. Larry Klein, CPA (inactive) Harvard MBA has spoken at dozens of financial conferences on his book, Marketing Financial Services to Seniors, on marketing financial products and services, using direct mail, advertising, and how any financial advisor can be a marketing machine and never lack clients. Also in demand are the concepts he covers in his book How to be a Million Dollar Producer. The impact to your organization is substantial when each individual begins to use Klein's methods to increase their revenue. Do you want just a motivational speaker who will make a great impression, speak in generalities and have people feel good for 30 minutes? Then don't hire Klein as your public speaker! When he speaks, the audience is not only entertained and energized, they walk away with tactical items to implement on Monday morning for an immediate increase in results. He gets barraged with questions, as the audience wants more even when his time is up. He's a professional speaker with only one goal—to get results for the audience. As a result, he is listed and retained by several speaker bureaus. Over 20,000 financial professionals use his marketing systems and there's a reason—he's a top notch marketer with an uncommon message that makes the difference. At your next financial services conference, don't settle for just an entertainer—get mileage and profit for your producers by selecting Larry Klein as your next conference keynote speaker. Have one of the nation's leading authorities on marketing financial services as your next conference speaker at an annual meeting or association event.

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