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Speaking Topics--Larry Klein, Financial Speaker

All topics below are designed for these professions:

  • Stockbrokers
  • Life Insurance Agents
  • Financial Planners
  • Investment Advisors
  • CPAs
  • Any professional marketing or selling a financial product or service


  1. Six Tactics of Million Dollar Producers
  2. How to Become an Order Taker by Having Prospects Call You
  3. Marketing Financial Services to Seniors
  4. The Science of Winning Seminars
  5. Direct Marketing That Works
  6. How to Create High Trust Before You Ever Meet the Prospect
  7. Turn Your Business Around in a Bear Market
  8. Marketing Financial Services to Seniors
  9. How to Make Seminar Appointments Stick
  10. Close 95% OF Prospects on the Second Call
  11. How to Make an Annuity Sale to Every LTC Client and Vice Versa
  12. How to Turn 100 Clients into 200
  13. How to Make Direct Mail Work
  14. How to Write Ads That Make $100K in Commission
  15. Four Ways to Eliminate Capital Gains Tax
  16. How to Attract & Profit from Prospects Who Own Real Estate
  17. The Science of Winning Seminars
  18. How to be the Dominant Senior Advisor in Your Town
  19. How to Attract & Capture Large IRA & Retirement Accounts
  20. How to Determine the Best Way to Market for You
  21. How to Break the Back On Prospect Procrastination
  22. Use Software and the Internet to Double Your Productivity
  23. Six Ways to Double Seminar Attendance Without a Meal
  24. How to Manage Client Portfolios in 30 Minutes a Year --Mechanical Money Management
  25. How to Gain Prospects Immediate Trust
  26. How to Make More Money with Fewer Clients
  27. The Winning Formula For CPA & Professional Referrals
  28. Fill Your Calendar With Referrals from Other Businesses
  29. Be an Overnight Author -- Gain Unparalleled Credibility With Your Book
  30. Get Thousands of Dollars of FREE Publicity
  31. How Even a CPA Learned to Sell Like a Master --Advanced Sales Skills for Advisors
  32. Questions that Other Annuity Sellers Cannot Answer—Gain an Edge with Superior Knowledge

Most Popular Talks

The Science of Winning Seminars
Most financial producers fail at seminars because they make multiple errors, starting with not targeting the audience or not understanding their target audience. The errors continue in composing non-compelling invitations and then selecting inappropriate locations, seminar times and dates. The result is inadequate attendance. Last, many producers follow up after the seminar by "begging" for appointments the next day.

We have developed a simple seminar methodology that makes it affordable for a producer to obtain 30-60 qualified attendees at a seminar and schedule appointments with 65% of the attendees right at the seminar. Mr. Klein has been interviewed in the CNA Agent Magazine, Advisor Today, and by Research Magazine for his seminar methodology. To help presenters entertain, he has written a book, 400 Greatest Jokes for Financial Professionals.

Marketing Financial Services to Seniors
Larry Klein teaches professionals in direct financial sales (stockbrokers, financial planners, insurance agents and investment advisors) to increase their prospecting and closing success with the senior market. This group has different buying habits and psychology that, when understood, will allow the professional to penetrate this most lucrative market which holds 70% of America's wealth. This topic is very valuable to organizations offering estate planning, long-term care, annuities or any senior product or service.

Marketing Financial Services
Many producers and firms waste money on direct mail, cold calling, seminars and other ineffectively organized attempts to attract clients. They ignore even the simplest psychology of their prospects. For example, when a recipient receives an envelope with a return address of "ABC Securities," there's a 40% probability this will be thrown out, unopened. Why not use a plain envelope instead? When Mrs. Jones gets cold-called about long-term care, why is she so cold? Because seniors are least likely to move forward to a phone solicitation. When the stockbroker holds his seminar aimed at baby-boomers accumulating money for retirement, why does he only get 8 people to attend? Because seminars are the worst prospecting method to attract people in their 40s and 50s. These common and costly mistakes can be eliminated once basic concepts are understood about marketing financial services.

Larry Klein, CPA (Inactive), Harvard MBA has spoken at dozens of financial conferences on his book, Marketing Financial Services to Seniors, on marketing financial products and services, using direct mail and advertising and how any financial advisor can be a marketing machine and never lack clients. Also in demand are the concepts he covers in his book How to be a Million Dollar Producer. Have one of the nation's leading authorities on marketing financial services as your next conference speaker--at an annual meeting or association event.The impact to your organization is substantial when each individual begins to use Klein's methods to increase their revenue. Do you want just a motivational speaker who will make a great impression, speak in generalities and have people feel good for 30 minutes? Then don't hire Klein as your public speaker! When he speaks, the audience is not only entertained and energized, they walk away with tactical items to implement on Monday morning for an immediate increase in results. He gets barraged with questions, as the audience wants more even when his time is up. He's a professional speaker with only one goal—to get results for the audience. As a result, he is listed and retained by several speaker bureaus. Over 20,000 financial professionals use his marketing systems and there's a reason—he's a topnotch marketer with an uncommon message that makes the difference. At your next financial services conference, don't settle for just an entertainer—get mileage and profit for your producers by selecting Larry Klein as your next conference keynote speaker. 

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